Welcome to Episode 2 of Built to Scale.

Today, we’re talking with Ashlee Berghoff.  She runs a business called A Squared Online.  She helps people implement the systems they need to go from being just themselves as a freelancer to a pro running a thriving business being the leader/CEO.

This episode is full of great stuff. A couple things for you to look out for:

  1. The mindset shifts and challenges that come from building a team.  We get really serious and both share some stuff about the insecurities of building a team that I think are really helpful.
  2. The secret to getting past six figures.  Re-finding that motivation.  If you haven’t reached six figures yet, you’re gonna find this out.  If you’re already there, you already know this:  once you reach about that six-figure level, money isn’t as motivating as it once was.  So, how do you re-find that motivation to really grow and scale your business?  She shares some great tips around that.
  3. Ashlee shares her number one tip around business and systems and she shared just absolute gold.

Jump in and enjoy this episode with Ashlee Berghoff!