This is episode number five!

I’m really excited about this content because today we talk with a really good friend of mine, Selah Shepherd who runs SMStrategies, a Facebook ads agency. They work with high-level e-commerce brands.

What I love about Selah, and what I think you’re going to find really interesting is that she has built this cohesive life out of two very different elements that most people don’t think would go together.

She is a competitive horse rider and she runs a successful, thriving Facebook ads agency! Those two things don’t normally go together, but we got a lot of value out of this conversation.

Three things I want you to look out for:

Selah is operating her business at a really high level. She’s become a trusted adviser to her clients. She talks about how she’s leveraged that to be more profitable and also to scale her business so that she can compete with her horses and run a successful business.

How she safeguards her time. We talked about using your calendar and putting up boundaries so that you don’t lose your life to your business, and so you don’t lose your business to your hobbies. She had to find that balance.

There’s just a lot of talk about the parallels between horses and business. I think you’ll find it humorous and fun, as well as really, really valuable.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.