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Hey! I’m Craig, business consultant and host of Built To Scale, a show dedicated to helping you build a thriving business – without sacrificing your personal life!

Make More Money, Working with Better Clients, While Also Working Less.


Too many entrepreneurs lose sight of why they went into business in the first place – to enrich their life!

Often, what starts as a vision to live like no one else turns into a nightmare of 60 hour weeks and crazy amounts of stress.

Life is too short spending your time “hustling” or “grinding” in your business. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping entrepreneurs just like you to grow massively successful businesses, while also leading full personal lives.

Your business can be an amazing tool to build the life you’ve always wanted, and create a major impact on the world. You just need the right approach.

That’s why on the Built to Scale Show we focus on having real conversations about what it takes to grow your business while also cutting out the busy work.

You’ll find tips, strategies and real-life examples of people who have found a way to consistently attract better clients, raise their rates and grow their business – no  matter what their life or business throws at them!

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Craig Severinsen Scaling Strategist for Agencies and Entrepreneurs Built to Scale

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Ep12 Gary J. Nix

Ep12 Gary J. Nix

We are with my friend, Gary J. Nix, and he runs a company called The Brandarchist. We talk branding and finding your voice to start putting your sales and your marketing on “easy mode”.

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Ep11 Erin Pennings

Ep11 Erin Pennings

We are talking with Erin Pennings of CopySnacks. I asked her some questions that the answers to these questions make a really big difference to your business. I love her answers.

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Ep8 Geoff Kullman

Ep8 Geoff Kullman

In this episode, we’re speaking with Geoff Kullman, who is a fantastic copywriter and storyteller who works with really high-end clients – experts in their fields.

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