5 Key Mindset Shifts For Accelerating Revenue

It doesn’t matter what your Marketing strategy is or how much you charge – if you don’t have THESE 5 things…

… it’s not going to work. 😲


Have you ever experienced this? There was a while in my business where I had all the boxes checked.

I was showing up. I had a great offer. Everything seemed to look perfect.

… Yet, I wasn’t getting the clients, money, and TRACTION that I really wanted.

For whatever reason, it just wouldn’t click for me.

It was frustrating!

It came to a point where I couldn’t just “show up” anymore and tick the boxes, you know?

So, I started to look at WHY I was doing the things I was doing, and I started to examine the values BEHIND my actions.

And it led to this revelation…

🔥 WHO you are being is more important than WHAT you are doing. 🔥

It’s kind of like when a kid says sorry because their parents told them they had to… the words come out, but you can tell there is no meaning behind it.

If you want the words to have meaning – you have to ACTUALLY be sorry!

So, I defined 5 core values that now drive me forward every day.

This is a simple shift in perspective, BUT it has allowed me to make better decisions, attract better clients, and show up in a POWERFUL way.

Just in case they might help you as well, here are what I call the 5 Core Values of a CEO – and I invite you to let them drive your actions from here on out.

👉 I promise you that as you look to shift your identity to be more in-line with your goals, that your goals will be easier to achieve. 👈

You ready? Here we go.

1. Excellence:

– Me and my team strive to be the best service we can. I value my service, my time, myself, my clients and my team. I stand by my work, I charge a fair price and I constantly look to improve it.

👉 I invest in my business.

2. Knowledge:

– I value transparency and knowledge so that I can make informed decisions. That is why, good or bad, I always track my KPI’s.

👉 I make strategic plans.

3. Integrity:

– When I make a commitment, I see it through. Big or small, I keep my word. I treat others the way I wish to be treated – even if it isn’t reciprocated.

👉 I play full out.

4. Leadership:

– I am a leader. Every day I do my best to lead and build my tribe, in thoughts, actions and words. I provide value to the Marketplace and grow my audience every day.

👉 I am visible.

5. Balance:

– I make time to take care of my health, to process my emotions, and cultivate strong relationships. I don’t take things personally, or let negative thoughts and emotions stop me from moving forward. I have a successful business and live a rich and fulfilling life.

👉 I follow a schedule and routine


Seriously, if you feel frustrated by what you are doing… take a moment to consider WHO you are being. That is the deeper conversation that will bring long-term and lasting results.

I hope this helps.