Welcome to Ep29 of Built to Scale.

I’m really excited today because our guest, James Hipkin, is the founder and CEO of Inn8ly, which is a website development tool. He brings the fire today.

There are three things in particular that I think you’re really going to love about this episode:

  • Using your current capabilities and resources to expand your business in innovative ways. This is really all about looking at your current business, where the opportunities in the marketplace are, and marrying those two things. And he has a really unique approach that I think you’re going to really love.
  • Staying client-centric, and how that’s important not just for growing your business in terms of marketing, but also retaining your business.
  • Adding another avenue in your business or another offer in your business in an intelligent way. And this is something that I see a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with. So I dove into that a little bit deeper with him about how he was able to launch a secondary offer so successfully, and he gives us the number one strategy to make that an inevitability and it’s going to blow your mind what it is.