What You Need To Know About The Built-To-Scale Framework

This framework is the foundation for how you can grow and scale your business successfully.

Did you know that you can attract more clients without sacrificing your personal life? 

This is what you will learn from my book Built-To-Scale

This book will take a deep dive into how you can land more clients, make more money and do it without sacrificing your personal life. 

I am very excited to share this with everyone. It has always been my passion to help people lead a full life while having a thriving business. To be able to be the person to provide that foundational piece to make all of this possible is just incredibly amazing.

How do you define growth and scale?

Most of the time, these words are used interchangeably. But if you think about it, they’re different. And if you understand the difference, it will be much easier to take your business from your first 6-figures to even a million dollars.

When you’re in the growth phase, a lot of one-on-one marketing service delivery occurs. You’re gaining resources as much as you’re spending resources.

On the other hand, scaling involves a lot of leveraged activities, including marketing and sales. And that’s where your resources are growing faster than you spend them.

So it’s essential to distinguish the difference because you can be profitable in both of them. And the issue we have here is that most people are trying to jump to the scaling phase right away.

People go out there even when they’re not yet ready. Their offer and their message are not proven enough. They spend a lot of money trying to implement leveraged activities that don’t get them anywhere. 

Understanding that growth and scale are two different phases is important. You could have a half-a-million-dollar business and still be in the growth phase. You can still be doing a lot of one-on-one marketing. And if your pricing is correct, you only need a few clients to reach the $500,000 mark. 

And now that you know the difference, let’s talk about the critical foundations of the built-to-scale framework.

How do you start making money and bring in clients consistently? 

Here are the 3 Foundations of Growth your business will need. 

#1 A Hyper-Focused Niche 

You need to identify who your target audience is. 

#2 A Scalable Offer

We’re talking about an offer that is profitable, and it’s something that you can sell continuously to scale and grow your business.

#3 Expert Positioning

You need to position yourself as a thought leader and be seen as an expert in your industry, so your clients come to you rather than constantly chasing them.

Once you’ve got the foundations of growth, you can start building systems to scale. 

To help you scale, we have identified 6 systems your business will need.

#1 Visibility Acceleration System

How do you plan on getting in front of new audiences? This is how your audience will grow.

#2 Lead Generation System

This ensures that you’re getting the right leads consistently. It is finding quality prospects who could potentially be your clients.

#3 Sales Conversion System

This system is what will help you convert your audience to clients.

#4 Client Success System

This will help you keep your clients and convert them to loyal fans. When your clients are happy, they will talk about you; this is a free marketing service.

#5 Financial Management System

How do you make financial decisions? How do you manage money as it comes into your business?

This will change your life because you will feel instant abundance when you start managing your money correctly. You can begin to decide where your money should go and start investing in things that actually grow your business.

#6 Business Operations System

This system is designed to run the back end of your business. You tend to neglect these things but are also essential to run your business. 

All these systems are connected to ensure your business is:

✔ constantly getting the visibility for your business

✔ constantly getting new leads

✔ constantly making sales

✔ always having client success 

✔ managing your finances better

✔ running your business smoothly

If you want to take a deep dive into this framework, so you can:

  • figure out how each of these systems works 
  • learn how you can strategically apply them to scale and grow your business
  • get more money and more clients without sacrificing your personal life

Check out the Built To Scale book. It is about to launch on October 18.

Take some fast focus and perfect action. I believe in you. I got your back. We’ll talk soon.