Episode 12 is here and I’m really excited!

We are with my friend, Gary J. Nix, and he runs a company called The Brandarchist.

What I really love about the subject of branding and finding your voice is that this is how you start putting your sales and your marketing on “easy mode”. When we first start our businesses, it’s this weird thing where we don’t want to stand out because we’re human, right?

So, typically most people build kind of vanilla businesses. But, as you gain more confidence and as your business grows, you start to understand what sets you apart and what makes you uniquely you. That is the essence of your brand voice and as you do that, you start to stand out and you start to be different.

That’s what this conversation is all about with Gary and there are three things I want you to look out for:

  • How you can treat your business like a skyscraper. So, the example is you wouldn’t want to go in a skyscraper if it was built without a blueprint. Well, your business needs a plan as well and you need a brand strategy.
  • The first step to work with any business of any size (and Gary has worked with some really big companies) is to develop your strategy.
  • How to disseminate your brand message to both your employees and to your potential clients, and why that’s important.

So much really good stuff here and I’m really excited to share it with you!