Welcome to Episode 13!

I’m really excited because we have Angus Nelson on the show from Evolve Men Coaching.

I first ran into Angus at an event and when I heard him speak, it just gave me goosebumps. I knew that his content was life-changing, so I wanted to make sure I brought it here to you.

He shares so many great insights that I could not even pack them into a summary, but I want you to look out for at least three things:

  • Learning lessons from his own life and dark times he’s been through, and how those lessons helped him help more people.
  • He calls himself a recovering graphic designer and tells a story about a time he got busted tweaking something really small, but how that lesson now helps him be more productive.
  • The powerful way Angus discovers his clients’ biggest needs and how he can leverage that to not only help his people more but also attract more people to impact.

So, that’s the stuff we’ve got and it’s so good. I’m really excited about it. Let’s dive in!