Ep14 Craig Severinsen & Jason Croft

Welcome to the first episode of Season 2 of Built to Scale.

Jason Croft is taking over as host today on this episode.

He’s the producer of the show and taking the reins to dig into some reflections on the first season of Built to Scale, what Craig’s doing right now with his business, and then looking forward to Season Two.

This is a “behind the scenes” look at not just the show but also Craig’s business and how the two work together.

Just like with the guests we bring on the show, we go past their expertise and dive into how they are actually growing their business. Craig committed to being completely transparent and open, which is why Jason is doing the interviewing. Sometimes we’re so close to what we have going on that it takes an outside perspective to add clarity and get at the “why” regarding certain decisions.

One of the major shifts in Craig’s business that we go into a lot is the power of providing foundations and frameworks for businesses that he works with. This is Craig’s main focus and reason for shifting – making sure that individuals and companies that work with him get those “structures” in place.

Dig into the full episode and take notes!