Welcome to Episode 15 of Built to Scale. Elysabeth Alfano of VegTech Invest is on the show. And she talks about some really amazing things. Three things I want to point out to you:

  • Managing an email list to sell really high-end offers. And she at one point managed a really big list of thousands of people and was selling very, very high priced things. And she talks about how she did that.
  • How trust and relationships are critical for building your business.
  • How being in front of your industry as a thought leader has really influenced her business and helped her to grow really quickly.

We dive way back into Elysabeth’s past, starting with one of her very first entrepreneurial experiences as an art gallery owner. We talked about that whole journey all the way up to today with her VegTech Invest company that she’s running now.

It’s an incredible journey to see all the things that she has done over the course of her career. And I want you to really think about even though she’s in a different industry than you, how you can apply this to your own business because you can find what is your radical difference between you and your competition, and really apply that.

And when you align your message, your offer, your business, and that platform that is different that you really believe in, that’s when you really get traction. So there’s a lot to learn from her, even though she’s in maybe a completely different industry than you’re in. I’m really excited about this. Let’s dive in.