This is Episode 16 of Built to Scale and I am super excited because today we have Celina Guerrero on the show. She helps people build sales teams. This episode is all about how to make that shift from being a solo pro to CEO. And in particular, we dive really deep into how you hire a sales team to help you make that shift. And this is such an important part.

If you want to scale your business, and you really want that freedom that being a business owner can bring, hiring a salesperson and eventually building a full sales team is such an important part.

There are three things I want you to look out for in this episode:

Using a human-led sales process to build relationships and find clients. We talk a lot about LinkedIn and using social selling with that type of process gives you a winning combination.

The critical reason why you need to focus on just one core offer and how doing that will just help you scale very, very quickly.

The critical details to find out if your business is ready to hire a sales team, and if you’re not ready, we talked about how you can get your business ready.

So this is such a value-packed episode. I cannot wait for you to check it out. Let’s dive in.

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