Welcome to Episode 17 with Jeremy Duvall. He runs a company called 7Factor. I’ve got to tell you, Jeremy brings the heat in this conversation! It’s so good. So packed with value. This is not hyperbole. He really drops a ton of value in this.

And in particular, there are three things that I want you to look out for:

  • The importance of being different. So, not necessarily trying to be better than your competition, but standing out from the crowd and how important that is for business growth.
  • Allowing yourself and your business to run the way that’s best for you, rather than trying to conform to the way that other businesses are running. Finding that rhythm and that groove that is best for you, for your clients, and for your staff, in order to just take off.
  • How Jeremy focuses on relationships rather than deliverables. In other words, he focuses on the relationship with the client and the relationship with his staff. And by doing that, the deliverables follow.

That’s what we’ve got in this powerful episode. So, let’s dive in!