Welcome to Built to Scale.

I’m really excited because we’ve got David Feldman. He’s the founder of 3 Owl, a full-service creative agency. And he and I have so many of the same philosophies on basically everything about business.

I think you’re gonna really love all the things we talk about in this episode. He’s got a book coming out, called Small By Design. And it actually is on sale right now.

We dive deep into some of the concepts inside this book. And there are three things, in particular, I want you to look out for.

Being small by design and how that is a competitive advantage. I love the story he tells that I think we all can relate to about how when we first get started we pretend to be big, and how that actually hurt us. And now how you can position that as one of your differentiators. One of your superpowers.

We talk about abundance. And what I love about this conversation is that we talk about not just financial abundance but about all the other abundance that your business provides for you. For instance, an abundance of time and abundance of impact.

Building a network of business owners. How that can help you grow your business, but also how it can help you as an entrepreneur to simply stay sane.

So this is great content. I’m excited for you to check it out. Let’s dive in.

Check out David’s agency here: https://3owl.agency/