Grow Your Business by Guesting on Podcasts

Today we’ll talk about everything you need to know to be a guest on podcasts and how to leverage that to build your brand, grow your business, and land more clients.

The Power of Small Audiences

Why is this approach of guesting on podcasts such a great strategy?
Think of it this way: let’s say you went to a networking event, and you were able to share your expertise with around 10 people in the audience. If we think of it, 10 people is a small number, and it’s not a big deal.
Imagine going to a networking event once or twice a week every month. Over a year, you’d probably be reaching around 500 to 1000 people. Now that’s huge!
And this is how podcasts work. You start with small audiences. But as you continue guesting on other people’s podcasts, you increase your reach to a new level.
So if you’re asking, can you get big on these podcasts?
The answer is YES. But you will have to show up consistently, even with a small audience.
And if you deliver a clear message and a consistent call to action, those small groups of people will add up and produce significant results.
You grow by borrowing other people’s audiences, and we’re going to do it one small audience at a time.

How can a podcast grow your business?

Expert Tip: Be consistent with your message and call to action
Many people tell me, “I’ve guested on other people’s YouTube channels… I’ve guested on podcasts before and didn’t see anything from it.”
The how-to stuff is a great starter topic. But if you want to engage your audience so that they come to seek you out, you have to take your content to the leadership level.
This is where you talk about your vision that people can rally behind and get excited about, making them want to learn more.
So you have to be consistent with your content, from how-to content to what I call the leadership level of content.
If you want to know more about leadership-level content, you can visit my YouTube channel because we have trainings and videos for that.
Another thing you want to be consistent with is your call to action. A clear and specific call to action is all you need to start seeing results.

How do you start guesting on podcasts?

Step #1 Identify the right place
Do your research. What we are looking for is NOT the audience size, but the audience fit. Our goal is to attract your ideal clients. Being on a podcast unrelated to your field of expertise will not help you. One of the easiest ways to do this is to go to Facebook or LinkedIn or wherever you’re already hanging out and ask your audience, Who here has a podcast?
Because I can guarantee you, if you have a connection already doing a podcast, they will not pass on the opportunity to raise their hand and say, Yes, I have a podcast!
This is the easiest way to identify the podcast where you would be a good fit.

Step #2 Connect and build relationships
Once you find a podcast that you want to be on, you want to start connecting with your prospect.
What I do is I connect with them on LinkedIn, and I start interacting with them. The purpose of this is for them to recognize your name.
By following your prospect, you will know what content they talk about and what their audience likes. With this knowledge, you can best present yourself as a valuable guest.
So the key here is to do your market research and build relationships since you’re just getting to know your prospects.
This is the easiest way to get on a podcast, find a connection, and show up with great value.
Quick story here, I went to a social media event in Denver. One of the speakers approached me and invited me to be on his podcast. This kind of invitation happens only when you show up and provide value.
So start connecting with your prospects. Follow them and start engaging with them. This is building the foundation for you to get on their podcast.

Step #3 Pitch your offer
How are you going to offer your pitch to these guys?
If they have a process, you can go through the process. You just have to fill up their forms.
But even if you go through the process, sending them a message would be a nice gesture. You can do this on LinkedIn, or you could send them an email message.
You can send them a short message saying, “I’ve been following you for a while, and I think you have amazing content. But I do have a topic in mind that I think your audience will love. Can I come and be a guest on your podcast?”
You just pitch that little blurb to them, and that’s how you book it.

Step #4 Follow-Up
You can send a follow-up message once or twice if you don’t hear from your prospects. Make sure you don’t become too annoying.
And when you are done with the podcast, build even more value with them and ask how you can help promote their podcast or how to get the podcast in front of more people.
Doing this builds a stronger relationship, making them want to invite you again for another podcast episode.

If you want more support around your podcast, and if you want to convert clients through podcast consistently, this is what we do every single day with our clients inside the Built to scale program. We work with companies, helping them get the right systems and foundations to scale and have the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.