Building A Brand

Today we’re talking about how to build your brand in a way that positions you as the go-to expert in your industry or specific niche.  Let’s start by answering why building your brand around leadership and expertise is so important.

There are 3 foundational items that your business needs, which I teach in the Built To Scale Framework. 

  • A Hyper-Focused Niche
  • A Scalable Package
  • Expert Positioning

These foundational items are necessary for every single business to grow successfully. Here’s why:

#1: When you position yourself as an expert in your industry, you can confidently raise your rates and be profitable. And if you want to be profitable, you’ve got to be charging an amount that makes sense to grow your business financially.

Most often, we’re not charging enough to reach our financial goals or to be able to employ people and pay for the services we need.

#2: It changes your sales process from an outbound marketing strategy to inbound marketing. This strategy involves you teaching the marketplace. You’re doing things that give value to your audience, like writing books and speaking at a conference. 

These things build your name and reputation. And when people see your value, they are naturally drawn to you. And that makes your sales process a whole lot easier.

Another good reason is that it also makes your sales process cheaper because you don’t have to pay to look for clients. It also converts more people quickly. And that is huge, right? 

#3: You get more reach, which you can leverage as you position yourself as an expert. When you reach more people, you will get more results with the same amount of effort. 

And if you want to grow a 6-7-figure business, you should have these foundational pieces. 

How can you grow your expertise?

So the first thing you’ve got to start thinking about is how you could raise your level of messaging using the leadership level of content. 

Most of us use the how-to content. What we want to do is step up your messaging to another level. And that is where you want to take your industry. What’s your vision for your clients? What’s your vision for yourself? 

Having the content that people can rally behind is like saying to people that “Hey, I think the industry could look better this way.”

To better understand what I am saying, here’s an example. 

My leadership level of content: what do I stand for? 

My banner that people can get behind:  Growing a thriving multi 6 or 7-figure business without sacrificing your personal life. 

The idea is for you to have a thriving business that works well because you have systems in place and the capability to employ experts. 

Because of this, you don’t have to work yourself to death. And you can finally have the life you actually dreamed of!

That’s my rallying cry… That’s my banner… That’s what I stand for. 

So when I step into the marketplace, many people come to me because I’ve got that messaging. 

So you’ve got to start asking yourself what you stand for. What’s your leadership level of content? 

To know the answer to these questions, first, you have to ask yourself these 3 things: 

  • What’s your vision for yourself? 
  • What’s your vision for your clients? 
  • What’s your vision for your industry?

These are the questions that will put your head in the right mindset. And once you’ve gathered the answers to these questions, you will have a clear message for your audience.

That’s how you position yourself and set up your branding. You can start promoting your brand in your marketplace when you have this ready. 

4 Ways To Grow Your Brand This Way

1. Speaking and Teaching 

Webinar:  You can call it a webinar, masterclass, or zoom call. Webinars have been a massive driver for me. It’s basically live training where people can come and learn great value from you. This is also an opportunity for you to promote your brand and convert audiences to your customers.

Conferences:  Identify which conferences your ideal clients are going to. What you want to do is go and try to become a speaker at those conferences.

This has happened to me before, when I went to a conference as an attendee, and no one noticed me. I was trying so hard to greet everyone, handing out my business cards, and trying to be memorable. I was given a chance to speak at that conference a year later. After that, people came to me, asking me to work with them. 

Networking Event:  A networking event is another fantastic way to build your brand and be positioned as an expert.

2. Writing

If speaking or being on stage is not your style, writing might be for you if you’re more of a behind-the-scenes person. And there are several ways where you can do this. 

Blogs or Articles:  LinkedIn is an excellent channel for articles. Find out where the big guys are. And if you can find niche publications, their audience may be a little bit smaller, but they will surely reach the right audience. 

If you can contribute to those publications, that will be powerful. 

Book:  If you’ve ever considered writing a book, that might be something you can look into. You can also look at multi-author books. That’s where you can meet a bunch of your peers, and if everybody writes a chapter in a book, you can all promote it and split the cost.

It’s an excellent way to become a published author and have a lot of people around you supporting you to get the momentum going on your brand-building activity.

3. Podcasting

A great move is to have your own podcast. But if it’s not your thing, you can also become a guest on other people’s podcasts. You can go on a podcast tour and speak on as many podcasts as possible. 

You can also try radio. Check if your local radio stations need your expertise. You can come and have a little segment with them or do a little interview. 

You’ll never know if you don’t reach out. You could do that with different markets like you could be living in New York and do a radio show in California. 

The way they do interviews now is over the phone or online. There’s no limit to how you can reach them.

4. Creating Content

We’re talking about social media, YouTube, or whatever channels you’re on (or better still, whatever channels your ideal clients are on).

Be a content creator, not a content consumer. Stop consuming so much content and start creating it instead. That is the one tip I can give you for building your brand, especially on social media. 

Start getting your unique voice, your unique viewpoint, and that leadership level of content out into the marketplace. This is a total game changer. 

If you can level up your positioning in the marketplace and be that go-to expert, you will undoubtedly see yourself becoming an expert in your industry.

If you want better support around this, and you want help implementing this in your business, this is what we do every single day with our clients inside the Built to Scale program. We work with companies, helping them get the right systems and foundations to scale and have the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.