Welcome to Ep24 of Built to Scale!

In this episode, we’ve got Angie Callen of Career Benders on the show.

Angie and I first met at Social Media Day in Denver this year, where we were both speakers. And it was really funny, because as she was speaking, I was just like, “Holy cow. Yes, exactly.” She was saying the things that I always think and say about LinkedIn. When we connected afterward, she said the same thing to me about my presentation.

So there’s so much gold that she brought today that I really want you to pay attention to. And in particular, three things:

  • We talk a lot about growth versus scale, and how she is actually in the transition right now, between growing her business and putting those systems in place to scale. So she talks really specifically about the things she’s doing to make that shift, which I think you’ll find really valuable.
  • She talks about being just the right amount ahead in your business. For instance, hiring that employee or taking that next step, just right before you think you’re ready. She says you need to do it 25% before you’re ready. And she goes into detail about how she’s applying that in her business.
  • Using goals a certain way and not using your goals like a laser pointer where you’re so focused on it, that you miss the other opportunities. Use your goals as a compass, so that you can find other opportunities as you’re moving toward them.

Okay, so that’s what I got for you today. Let’s dive in.