Welcome to Episode 3!

Today, we’re talking to Alesia Galati, from Galati Media.  She runs a full-service podcast agency.

Now, what’s really cool about her is that unlike a lot of like podcast people right now who are just coaches, telling you how to run a podcast, she actually has a full-service agency.  So, she’s got a team.  She’s got people helping her.  She helps you launch, create, and maintain your podcast.

So, it’s a different angle on a really hot tool right now.  What we talked about and what to look out for:

  1. What it takes to 10x your fees.  She went from charging $450 for her services to $4,000, essentially 10x’ing what she charges in just under a year.
  2. How do you bounce back from a client relationship that goes sour?  We all experience it:  some client relationships don’t go well.  She used an experience like that to learn and to show up better in the future.  We really dive into that she gets really honest.
  3. How do you decide whom to hire first?  Do you hire your service first?  Do you hire your salesperson first?  We go into her method for doing that.

It’s really valuable stuff that I think you’ll find really useful.  Let’s dive in!