Ep4 Suzanne Doyle-Ingram

Welcome to Episode 4!

Today, we’ve got Suzanne Doyle-Ingram from Prominence Publishing.  She is a great friend of mine and also happens to be a client.

What I love about Suzanne is that she not only helps people write and publish their books, but she’s actually trying to change her industry.  Instead of just helping people write a book and then focus on selling that book (which isn’t very profitable), she’s actually trying to help people write a book and then teach them how to leverage that book to grow a business.

We start this episode in a very interesting place:  talking to her about what I love about entrepreneurship, which is the freedom to do things like travel.  Suzanne has traveled all over the world without missing a beat in her business.  She talks about how she’s done that, the first steps of how to do it, even if you’ve got kids.  She started when her kid was three years old!  So, even if you have children, you’re going to love what she has to say about that.

Something else to look out for is how she’s actually gotten support and interacted with people from other industries to get inspiration and insight on her own business, and how it’s helped her grow.

And then the last thing I want you to look out for is that she recently had a huge revelation from a bad client experience where the client actually bought from somebody else instead of her.  And instead of getting upset about it, she used that experience to completely transform the way she approaches her business and it’s led to some great success for her. It’s a really cool story, look out for that.

Now, let’s dive into this episode!