Welcome to Episode Six of Built to Scale!

So, I’m super excited about this one because we’re talking to my friend, Brittany Dixon. She runs a company called Brittany and Co. She’s also the host of the podcast, Process for Profit.

What I love about Brittany is that she’s all about systems and processes, which is how you go from owning your job, to actually being the CEO of a business, having a team work for you, and being able to have that freedom that we all wanted when we started our business.

So three things to look out for in this one:

  • She talks about the importance of having clarity in her business and how having that vision has really helped her grow.
  • I asked her a really obvious question, but we get some real value and she says that tech is not the first thing you should be looking at when you start building systems. She gives us what you should be looking at as well as her approach to getting started with systems and processes.
  • We talked about boundaries and how they are so important for raising your rates, hiring staff, and just having a balanced life.

I hope you enjoy it. Let’s dive in.