What’s up everybody this is Episode 9!

Today, we’re talking with my friend, Becky Jolly.  Becky lives at the intersection of social media and funnels.  That gives her a really unique perspective on business.  She drops a ton of value here and I’m really excited to share it with you.

There are three things, in particular, I think you want to look out for:

  • Using humor in your marketing and how that can really help you stand out from the crowd. So many people are afraid to use humor.  But, if you add that human element into your business, you can see that your marketing really gains traction.
  • Why it’s important to connect with a community of entrepreneurs who just “get it”.  Not just for business results, but for your own mental health, too.  It’s so important to have a place where you can go and talk about your business and people understand where you’re coming from.
  • The trap of vanity metrics on social media and why you should connect your efforts to real business results.

There’s a lot of value here.  I’m really excited to share it with you.

Let’s dive in.