Launch Episode – Built to Scale

Hi, Craig Severinsen here.

Welcome to the first episode of Built to Scale.  I’m really glad you’re here.

Why another podcast?  Why another show about business? 

What I really want to accomplish here is having real conversations with people.  And I want to give you something that’s both entertaining and valuable in terms of knowing that people are going through the same thing you’re going through; that they’re facing those problems, that they’re overcoming them.  So that you feel empowered.  You feel pumped up.  So that you’re able to go and accomplish really great things in the world.

Everything I do is all about helping entrepreneurs have a thriving business and live a full life at the same time.  When you get your personal life to a level where you’re really happy and it’s really a full life, your business also begins to thrive.  And that’s what I do every day – I work with clients to help them grow their business with that balance.

So, that’s what we’re going to be doing.  I’m really excited to take this journey with you. Please tune in and subscribe to the podcast and to the video version of the show on YouTube.  I’m looking forward to seeing you next time on the Built to Scale show.