The Imbalance that Leads to Burnout

Burnout is a huge problem in the entrepreneurial community. You work hard, and do everything “right,” but you never seem to get the growth you are looking for.

The common reaction to this situation is to blame your Marketing tactics. How many times have you said (or heard a client say to you) “X tactic just doesn’t work for us.”

Yet, that same tactic works for every other company just like yours, so – #sorrynotsorry – it seems unlikely that it wouldn’t work for you.

No, the truth is much simpler than that; your lack of growth caused by a lack of consistency.

For most entrepreneurs it is not that they don’t know what to do, or that they are doing something fundamentally wrong – it’s the simple fact that they are jumping from offer to offer, message to message and audience to audience.

This lack of consistency prevents them from mastering their offer, their message and the results they drive.

Bottom line – You can’t have traction without consistency.


Hack Human Nature to Fast-track Growth

If we peel this issue back yet one more layer there is another issue that stops you from getting the results you want – your own natural tendencies.

Yes, consistency is the key to long-term growth and traction in your business; however WHY is it so darn hard to stay consistent?!

The answer, in short, is burnout.

Burnout is the term we put on the state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by stress. Yet, why is it that some people can accomplish near superhuman feats and never suffer from burnout while others find even simple tasks overwhelming?

Perhaps the answer is found in our perception of the task. When we find an activity or task enjoyable, or serving a higher purpose, we tend to perceive it as more enjoyable and less stressful.

Thus, the solution to burnout is to remain focused on the higher meaning of our actions. In fact, there are three main areas that you need to maintain in constant equilibrium if you want to push your limits and consistently grow your business.

Those three areas are:

  1. Your Vision – the greater goal you have for yourself, your industry and your clients
  2. Your Impact – the difference you make for your clients and the world at large.
  3. Your Balance – the amount and quality of time you take to be with family / friends, to cultivate yourself, and to simply enjoy your life.

When all three of these elements work together in harmony, that is what I call the Goldilocks Zone. The place where all the elements are just right for continued growth.

Whenever one of these elements is missing or out of balance – you will find that burnout is never far behind.

However, once you enter the Goldilocks Zone, you will find that it is easier and more enjoyable to push to your goals and find the consistency you need to take your business to the next level.